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INAUGURATION. This word was applied by the Romans to the ceremony of dedicating some temple, or raising some man to the priesthood, after the augurs had been consulted. It was afterwards applied to the installation (q.v.) of the emperors, kings, and prelates, in imitation of the ceremonies of the Romans when they entered into the temple of the augurs. It is applied in the United States to the installation of the chief magistrate of the republic, and of the governors of the several states.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The inauguration, a ceremony to officially welcome the president into office, is a tradition that has been followed for over two centuries.
Duterte, who earlier decided to hold his inauguration in a simple ceremony in Malacanang instead of at Quirino Grandstand, wanted a separate oath-taking from Robredo to give her a chance to invite more guests.
This coming June 30 holds another first in the country's history of Presidential inaugurations.
Some of the projects have been long-pending and may take several more months to be functioning, but that has not stopped the CM from going ahead with the inaugurations and describing his government as "pro-development".
armed forces have played a vital role in presidential inaugurations, and it's an honor to continue this important tradition of honoring our commander in chief," said Brig.
Congressional interest in inauguration security may be based on various factors and determinates, including its roles in appropriating funds for inaugurations, oversight of law enforcement and first responder entities with inauguration security responsibilities, and hosting the swearing-in ceremony, as well as the heightened interest in post-9/11 security operations.
The security perimeter is larger than what has been cordoned off for previous inaugurations.
And in the 54 inaugurations that followed Washington's near coronation, we can trace the country's shifting politics, changing circumstances and developing character.
IN PHOTOS: Inaugurations of past Philippine Presidents
Most expect it to be one of the most historic inaugurations ever, complete with a speech of the highest caliber.
Photos of past inaugurations sourced from and collated by Inquirer Research.