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He is the Creator of man and of woman, the inaugurator of marriage, and the Sanctifier of matrimony.
Automotive consultant and inaugurator of the prize, Christian Philippsen, said, 'Ian Callum, Jaguar's design director, and his team have achieved not only a beautiful design in clothing a world-premiere and mouth-watering technology, but also a true Jaguar, projecting the brand's DNA into the future without an ounce of nostalgia.'
Renowned automotive consultant and inaugurator of the prize, Christian Philippsen, led the panel.
capten los matices--a veces muy sutiles--contenidos en deformaciones de formas inglesas y mezclas morfologicas de las dos lenguas: espanolizacion de la ortografia del anglicismo (chou), creacion de pseudoanglicismos con base espanola (inaugurator), utilizacion de prefijos y sufijos ingleses o adaptados al espanol (insoporteibol, flipeibol), explotacion de formas en--ing (spantosing), aplicacion de personajes de la cultura angloamericana a la cultura espanola (Narcis Skywalker) y deformacion 'a la inglesa' de grafias espanolas (Zaplan's).
FOR a long time I have been a supporter of Museums, formerly known as Museums and Galleries in Liverpool, and I have been since the organisation was founded by the government and had an auspicious successful inaugurator in the late Sir Richard Foster of blessed memory.
OVER THE LAST TWO DECADES MARIA EDGEWORTH HAS BEEN RECOVERED for the history of British novels as the inaugurator of the Irish national tale, a sub-genre that facilitated the tradition's transformation in the early nineteenth century.
De Cleyre's biographer, Paul Avrich (1978, 14) writes about her "striking resemblance to Mary Wollstonecraft, the inaugurator of the modern women's rights movement, about whom she often wrote and lectured." Indeed, de Cleyre (2005, 217) did admire Wollstonecraft, and, in 1893, she penned a poem entitled "Mary Wollstonecraft," a eulogy that ends with the line, "She liveth still" (De Cleyre [1914] 2005, 49; 1990, 31; 2004, 208).
Cox's Capitalism as a Social System (1964) confirms his reputation as an iconoclast and an outsider (to "both" sociologies), for example, but also his significance as an innovator and inaugurator of a new sociology.
Whether by his technique, his compositions, or through sheer accumulation of students, Liszt has come to be viewed as the inaugurator of the golden age.
In particular, the philosopher is presented as 'Inaugurator einer neuen Kalenderordnung' (p.
"Christ," he wrote in 1923 in The Gleam, "was plainly a development along the line of the holy men of God." (12) In his 1930 drama, The Reign of God, (13) he emphasized Jesus' role as the inaugurator of the reign of God and avoided speculation about the nature of Christ, whom he saw as the leader of a new type of humanity.
And Chapter five, "Translating Chaucer for Modernity," on the case of Dryden (whose Fables Ancient and Modern provides Congenial Souls with its title), reflects on his status as inaugurator of the modern publicly private practice of Chaucerians who "imagine themselves into the presence of Chaucer, his books, and his other readers" (2002, 148).