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Remember, my child, it was in our very infancy; we had neither mills, nor grain, nor roads, nor often clearings; we had nothing of increase but the mouths that were to be fed: for even at that inauspicious moment the restless spirit of emigration was not idle; nay, the general scarcity which extended to the East tended to increase the number of adventurers.
To praise children is inauspicious, or I could listen to this talk.
Unfortunately, it was the time of the finest and longest days of the year, and the moon, in all her brilliancy, succeeded inauspicious daylight.
The room itself was a cheerless one to return to at this inauspicious hour.
It seemed a horrible thing to hurry on the inauspicious match, and not to give the poor creature time to think and reason on the irrevocable step she was about to take.
Each herd was watched by the patient but inauspicious eyes of the turkey-buzzard.
He had an inauspicious start yet we willed him to succeed but let us raise a glass to the much-missed Gary Speed.
From such inauspicious surroundings, shortly after 4.
He said over 300 astrologers from Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Rajasthan attended the meeting and all of them agreed that it was inauspicious for Hindu couples to tie the knot between July 2015 and August 2016 as the planet Jupiter was not favourably aligned during this period.
The France World Cup winner, signed by Steve Bruce on loan from Bordeaux, played 85 minutes of an inauspicious 4-0 home defeat by Arsenal.
That performance erased the memory of an inauspicious first effort over the bigger obstacles when he fell at Newbury.
The largest party failed to turn up at an inauspicious beginning to negotiations to resolve seemingly implacable differences.