inborn ability

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Emotional Intelligence is an inborn ability to recognize, remember, describe, identify learning, feel, use, communicate, manage, understand and explain the emotions [3].
Thus it seems that at least some birds do have an inborn ability to develop their song and simply require social interaction to produce the song.
Immunotherapy effectively prevents cancerous cells from inhibiting our natural defenses against misbehaving cells--cancer cells introduce a 'mask' to our inborn ability to destroy cells that are effectively wreaking havoc and the immunotherapy drugs have come along to ruin their party.
I mean just that inborn ability to look temptations straight in the face [.
Very few people know of Violet's inborn ability to sense the presence of dead bodies, whether small animals, birds, or, on one horrible occasion, a young girl buried in the woods.
The man, who has written a book on the human mind, says ESP is an important inborn ability that can sharpen a personEoe1/4aos mind and can be used to excel in life.
These skills pale in comparison to his inborn ability to hear the musicality of sound, speech, and even silence around him.
Inspired by the minimalist program initiated by Chomsky, in which researchers attempt to make sense of the inborn ability to produce and understand oral and written language (also known as "universal grammar"), Boeckx (linguistics, Harvard U.
He has that inborn ability to control the ball quickly, to see things, and he can also drive on, but he is just finding his feet.
Restricting food intake systematically undermines the child's inborn ability to self-regulate the amount of food needed to maintain optimal growth.
As a new mother myself, with no more inborn ability to communicate with my baby than with a doorknob, and with no desire to sit for hours on end closely observing anything except the backs of my eyelids, I often found such assumptions laughable.
The authors begin by discussing areas of the brain where mathematical abilities are located, in addition to the inborn ability of infants and some animals to recognize very small numbers and perform rudimentary addition and subtraction.