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But vastly more than I want my characters to atomize into some general or even personal applicability, I want them first to be radiant in verbal and intellectual particularity, to not be an everyman but to revel in being specifically this man, this woman, this son, this daughter with all his or her incalculability intact.
But even if these three novels together don't turn out to be in every case twenty-four carat, know at least that I trusted to luck and industry, incalculability and disinterest as well as I possibly could, and that the habit of art is no less a precious habit for having been the guiding spirit of these books.
this very incalculability that points to the need for the discretionary
It has the incalculability of life about it--life within the pages of a book" (Forster 54).
The final mode of poetry that takes the "way of nothingness," for Gery, does not explicitly address itself to nuclear war as such but registers its threat of annihilation in techniques of "indirection, suspension of judgment, and stylistic depiction of `randomness and incalculability," as the embodiment of the paradoxes at the very heart of nuclearism" (150).
Paradoxically, responsibility demands incalculability and unpredictability, while freedom requires that we be responsive to the harms that invariably accompany the good we would do" (pp.
Seeking to demonstrate that Emerson was subtly denouncing slavery as early as the 1830s, Cadava asserts that the force of Emerson's "analogies between nature and history and politics belongs to the incalculability that structures each of their terms" (II).
I want to point to the incalculability of Indigenous sovereignty, as I suggested earlier, because I think the forms it might take depend on the ideological, discursive and embodied positions and experiences of Indigenous speakers and activists.
delay, deferral, postponement) from the contingency and incalculability of human affairs.