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In passing sentence, the trial judge said Yates had an "entrenched sexual interest in young girls" and observed that he had caused "immense and, in reality, incalculable" harm to his victim,the Clitheroe Advertiser reported.
"the air The ca ct "-g he 7hrs Time TD said it took to get an Air Corps helicopter to the area "The loss to the wildlife and the flora and the fauna is incalculable gary martin donegal county council
doubt you already incalculable to the of your Moreland The judge was told that Zaman gave girls the class B drug "MCat" and demanded sex acts in return for more of the addictive substance.
"Egypt, the depository of traditions of incalculable antiquity, had submitted, after a brief and determined struggle, to the common fate of nations, and the banners of Islam floated in triumph from the towers of Alexandria and Memphis.
Compuesta de diamantes, perlas, zafiros, esmeraldas y rubies, esta pieza esta tasada en unos 300 millones de euros, pero su valor historico realmente es incalculable. Al acto no faltaron tampoco su Heredero, el principe Carlos, y su esposa.
THE Welsh Government spent PS3m on the September's Nato Summit - with the event giving Wales "incalculable publicity" around the world, First Minister Carwyn Jones said yesterday.
The 63-year-old Perez spoke with NCR June 1, 2010, "Day 43" of the BP oil spill, which has already caused almost incalculable economic and environmental disruption.
Yet, his influence on me has been incalculable. And the magazine's influence on the culinary world is a legacy that is still being written.
"The effect on the victims is incalculable and permanent.
He said deforestation and environmental degradation affect the agriculture sector besides polluting water, which bears incalculable losses to the economy of Pakistan.
The damage to our children was incalculable. Today we are making progress but society often doesn't like what it uncovers.
It was also noted that the plan was incalculable as it could result in looting, civil disorder and a mass evacuation, making certain areas virtually uninhabitable.