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Plastic pollution has an incalculably serious effect on our environment," said Miller.
But having a friend turn up on your door on a Saturday morning to take you to the gym (or even just for a stroll) is incalculably more powerful.
The world of popular music is increasingly diffuse and global, comprising incalculably many forms, genres, subgenres, movements, cultural phenomena, and artistic institutions.
It's as though The Sign of the Cross and Quo Vadis had been re-written to award Poppaea total, unqualified victory over the Mercias of Rome, and because the moment is the culmination of over twenty hours of character development, it resonates incalculably more powerfully.
By this kind of reckoning we are either immeasurably insignificant or we are incalculably precious and interesting.
However enduring that art may be, this creative "use" of the children would almost certainly have had incalculably damaging effects, if only because the line between the attentive parent and the dedicated artist was confused.
South Africa and the world are incalculably poorer for his passing.
The revenue generated from its competitions and potential economic, cultural and entertainment value are incalculably substantial.
One of the best things about the 2008 race was ushering out the incalculably destructive Dick Cheney.
Perhaps they both realized that their strategies were not working, and potentially could lead to regional warfare with incalculably bad consequences (for instance over Syria or Israeli nuclear concerns).
The essay shows how both poets and political figures struggle to retrieve what lies at the center of the blast waves, in the void: the lives and stories ended and lost, the material remains and ethereal traces, the way in which each event informs the other in a series of spatio-temporal, politically charged, incalculably consequential echoes.