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The young people possess incalculably great energy which can be used constructively or destructively.
I have since learned that the motivations compelling re-enactors are incalculably complex, but generally address themselves to the preservation of history and appropriate honor for the fallen.
I incalculably worked for almost 55 years of my life for humanity - now I have gone weak and old, cannot contribute physically but I do supervise my son Faisal, who is managing the foundation," told Edhi sahib in a feeble voice.
Massive geopolitical changes along with incalculably high volatilities in the financial and raw materials markets constitute enormous challenges to the flexibility of businesses in all economic sectors.
But having a friend turn up on your door on a Saturday morning to take you to the gym (or even just for a stroll) is incalculably more powerful.
Heritage is incalculably precious, but also maddeningly elusive.
Hanging in the balance are the sort of quality control standards that not only mandate pharmaceutical manufacturers' adherence to strict guidelines and low tolerances, but also define their incalculably priceless reputations.
Tom Woodson was a consummate scholar, deserving to be lauded for his incalculably difficult work on the Centenary Edition of the Works of Nathaniel Hawthorne every bit as much as we bow in gratitude to the earlier editors, William Charvat, Claude M.
These and other professional opportunities provide me with extra joy (the icing on the cake) and are incalculably valuable learning opportunities.
By this kind of reckoning we are either immeasurably insignificant or we are incalculably precious and interesting.
South Africa and the world are incalculably poorer for his passing.
The revenue generated from its competitions and potential economic, cultural and entertainment value are incalculably substantial.