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Inaugurating the campaign, Jamaat-e-Islami Karachi chief Hafiz Naeem-ur-Rehman said that it is a responsibility of the government to launch fumigation campaigns, however its incapability further pushed forward Al-khidmat to take the fort.
Six independents candidates had been succeeded in the mentioned tehsil while Awami National Party, Jamat-i-Islami and JUI-F had received one, one seats in LG election in Batkhela, similarly, PTI got only 3 seats in Tehsil Dargai, this defeat of PTI show incapability of their leadership.
It said that the explosion shows the Saud regime's incapability in maintaining the security of its citizens.
He pointed out that Da'ish attacks are the results of Maliki's incapability to contain the country or finding political or military solution that will regain stability in Iraq.
The halt to payments under operational programs and the incapability of the state to recover payments from the European Commission for eight months has created a real threat of failure to implement construction contracts, thereby causing huge damage to the state as a result of the nonobservance of EU commitments," the Chamber said in its letter.
Aurangabad, March 5 ( ANI ): Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday criticized the incapability of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to identify its own corrupt ministers.
We have come up with intelligent excuses to defend our incapability to commit for a single relation.
It would not therefore be disability discrimination in England and Wales to dismiss an employee because of incapability caused by alcoholism, nor would an employer be required to make reasonable adjustments to help the employee.
The biggest challenge we have today is the incapability of the system of global governance to take the necessary time and devote the necessary attention to construct our future," Schwab argued.
Many finance companies are under pressure due to their incapability to repay the depositors money.
He added that a number of projects are being late in executing them, for many reasons, such as the companies' incapability to carry on the contracts or technical and legal obstacles leading to delay in executing the projects, which is unacceptable.
It's a beautiful film about friendship, love and loss, and the incapability of the state's child protective services.