incapable of caring

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PORTLAND - A judge has reunited an Oregon family despite state concerns that the parents are intellectually incapable of caring for their children.
Victims of hate crimes and certain other offenses who are not physically injured, and vulnerable elderly or disabled individuals incapable of caring for themselves who have lost up to $30,000 in savings, can now seek compensation from the state Office of Victim Services.
Stressed-out employees lose the ability to display kindness and become incapable of caring for others.
I chose nursing as a profession so I could care for patients who are incapable of caring for themselves.
My heart is full of gratitude to those many of you who magnify your calling, as carers of those many, many folk like me who are, in a moment in time, incapable of caring for themselves, whose experience is made that much more bearable by simple kindness and understanding.
I also don't feel comfortable placing my baby in the care of a woman who seems incapable of caring for herself.
It strikes me that most Scots believe in social justice, civil society, an NHS we can be proud of and, of course, in taking care of those incapable of caring for themselves.
Usually money is sent to this department if the receiver is underage, mentally disabled or otherwise incapable of caring for the money.
Guardianship -- Designated in the will; a person charged with the legal duty to care for a person who is considered incapable of caring for himself/herself
Nevertheless, the Jirga deemed the mother, Shazia Sediq, financially incapable of caring for her children, thus Razia and Marzai would remain with Mohammad.
For if our elites don't care about our people, it is not because they are incapable of caring.
Richards has informed the child welfare services through a letter that she is incapable of caring for the boys in her home, News.