incapable of perceiving

See: insensible
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Between the drunkenness of the peasant incapable of action and the dream-intoxication of the idealist incapable of perceiving the reason of things, and the true character of men.
I would hate to think that visiting soccer teams and their supporters who travel to Eugene should come to think of us as some third-rate cowtown whose soccer audience is populated by a bunch of loudmouth ignoramuses incapable of perceiving the subtleties of the sport they are viewing.
1] As descendant of the surviving Africans, the protagonist appears to intuit the historical meaning of sugar production and seems incapable of perceiving canes merely as green fields swaying in the wind, the picture the tourist industry conveys of cane fields.
He roots this disarray in an inadequate theology: biblicist, eschatologically utopian, and crudely monistic, it is incapable of perceiving proximate ends or selecting the relatively best among possible options.