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Incarceration rates at the county level are used to measure the expected incapacitation effects of prison.
One must attend to complex cultural and historical fields of knowledge and generate, for example, new ways of thinking about mass incarceration such as Simon's theory of total incapacitation and his intriguing conception of the possibilities of change occurring amid a cascade of new recognitions of mass incarceration as an assault on basic human dignity.
There appears to be some weight behind the incapacitation issue.
Those are likely psychological stops rather than physical incapacitations.
However, a review by the National Academy of Sciences and Rand's own follow-up research later discovered that the selective incapacitation policy was incorrect for two reasons.
Paper targets must be progressive in that they offer different angles, as well as harder shots, to achieve incapacitation.
Is it those who are placing bets on the Arabs' terrorization and the western incapacitation and the Russian support; or those who are rejecting the military interference in the Syrian affairs despite the bloodshed among them and those who are calling for nothing but protection, through any possible means, of the civilians who have been so flagrantly abused by the regime?
At least 27 students and one teacher were earlier infected with brucellosis, an infectious disease, which could lead to incapacitation and permanent damage of central nervous system, the China Daily reports.
On Tuesday Tepco said it found another spot on the ventilation stack itself where radiation exceeded 10 sieverts per hour, a level that could lead to incapacitation or death after just several seconds of exposure.
According to Spokesman of CAA, all aspects including internal/external sabotage, incapacitation of the aircraft systems, flight fire, bird strike or structural fatigue, human factor, organizational factors and others were adequately analyzed in the investigation.
Over the six-year period, there have been hundreds of accidents involving medical incapacitation of sport pilots.
Rheinmetall identified the air burst grenade as the ideal solution to increase blast grenade incapacitation range, provide a safety radius of less than 30 metres, to bring the maximum amount of fragments onto the target and hit targets over barricades and walls.