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Robert Gruder continued to state for Stinger, "With its state of the art production models of the S-200 projectile stun gun, Stinger is making inroads into electronic incapacitation device markets.
Basing her findings on both the visible and non-visible costs, Ahn-Redding reviews the changing expectations of Americans about what prison systems should do, the move toward longer sentences, prison conditions, basic financial costs both inside and outside the walls, the rise of retribution and incapacitation, deterrence and rehabilitation, and the real and perceived benefits of incarceration.
Neuromuscular incapacitation (NMI) devices discharge electrical energy at high peak voltage, low average current, in 10-100 microseconds pulses delivered in 10-19 per-second trains.
They fire bolts which send a massive electric charge through the body causing muscle spasm and incapacitation.
The recent increased emphasis on incapacitation unfortunately ignores much that is known about crime and the nature of offending.
MCAD is designed to detect and identify the agent at the most sensitive levels as well as those levels that will be fatal or cause serious incapacitation.
He promotes a program of prison privatization and specialization in order to properly classify and respond to these two types of programs, covering relevant concepts of security, rehabilitation, retribution, deterrence, and incapacitation along the way.
We hope to replicate the 94% successful incapacitation rates and significant reduction in injuries to officers and suspects just as we have with the nation's 2,700 plus agencies using TASER technology.
A source said: "Identifying these guys is a problem, so you have to think about simple incapacitation for the foreseeable future.
Incapacitation, rehabilitation, use of technology such as electronic monitoring, and other specific deterrents are evaluated.
The employer is prohibited from asking how often an individual may require a leave for treatment, or use leave time as a result of incapacitation because of a disability.