incarceration facility

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Talking to reporters outside the incarceration facility, Mr Muqam said the difficult times the Sharif family found itself in would soon be over, and termed the corruption charges against the brothers 'false'.
Conceived as the most modern, humane incarceration facility the world ever seen, Blackwell's Island quickly became, in the words of a visiting Charles Dickens, "a lounging, listless madhouse".
special alternative incarceration facility; 18901 waterloo rd., chelsea, mi 48118.
These services are limited on-site depending on the level classification of the incarceration facility. For example, lower-level facilities, such as transition centers (Level I), may not have in-house medical professionals and will instead arrange for health care from private health care practices.
JurisLink is a WebRTC-based app that is designed to enable defense lawyers to meet with their clients without traveling to the incarceration facility. JurisLink is a cloud service in conjunction with CafeX WebRTC technology, enabling confidential video meetings between attorneys and clients.
Quite the opposite, it also seeks to ensure that international reconstruction efforts will fail and Palestinians will never be able to continue to fight for survival - this time, of course, in a modern super-max incarceration facility.
Earlier, the minister had briefed the House Legal Affairs Committee on the steps taken to ameliorate conditions at the island's incarceration facility, following a spate of suicides and attempted suicides there last year.
Moss has 19 years of service with DOCCS and rose through the ranks, spending five of those years as a Shock Incarceration Facility drill instructor.
But in Stacey Dooley: Girls Behind Bars, cameras went to one unique institution - the Lakeview Shock Incarceration Facility in New York State (BBC Three, Monday, 9pm).
The countries Interior Ministry says that the suspect, Salem al-Obeidi, escaped when a group of armed gunman stormed the incarceration facility on Tuesday night.
WITNESSES will take the stand in the case of 11 prisoners accused of rioting at the Rehabilitation and Reformation Incarceration facility in Jaw.
The Israeli Interior Ministry is demanding that a Jerusalemite be deported under pretext of having spent too many years in the United States.<p>Elias Khayyo - who holds no foreign citizenship - has been detained for three weeks at Givon incarceration facility in Ramle with other people deemed illegal residents and slated for deportation, Haaretz Israeli Daily reported, today.