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Excessive sentencing for minor crimes and our racially discriminatory "war on drugs" policies that began in the 1970s are largely to blame for the incarceration explosion.
Our unjustified incarceration rates should be of urgent concern to anyone interested in narrowing the educational achievement gap-the persistently lower academic and behavioral performance of black pupils than white pupils, even when their demographic characteristics seem to be similar.
than girls, with maternal incarcerations in early adolescence found to
frequency of maternal incarcerations, with girls more responsive to
Broadly, rising drug incarcerations simply did not "pump" up prison growth, either nationally or even in New York.
Figure 2, which plots the annual percentage of all state prisoners serving time for drug offenses, indicates that drug incarcerations have not been the primary engine of prison growth.
Washington, Sep 29 (ANI): A new study has suggested that father's incarceration is linked with substantially elevated risks for illegal drug use in adolescence and early adulthood.
Over 51 percent of young men, and almost 40 percent of young women, whose biological fathers had a history of incarceration reported using marijuana, compared to 38 percent and 28 percent, respectively, of comparable men and women whose fathers were never incarcerated.
The traditional solution to the problem has been more arrests, more incarcerations, more institutions and more staff.
Violent crime rates have been significantly lowered throughout the country, yet the incarceration rate continues to increase annually, giving the U.
Although age-specific incarcerations in these age groups are also high among the non-Indigenous prison population, the percentage of prisoners in the 20-24 to 30-34 age groups was lower: 58% in 2001.
The mass incarceration of African Americans coincides with a new