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Bardwell, in a way, started it by quoting from Thoreau; but it was old Trefethan, bald-headed and dewlapped, who took up the quotation and for the hour to come was romance incarnate.
The tubes of the corollas of the common red and incarnate clovers (Trifolium pratense and incarnatum) do not on a hasty glance appear to differ in length; yet the hive-bee can easily suck the nectar out of the incarnate clover, but not out of the common red clover, which is visited by humble-bees alone; so that whole fields of the red clover offer in vain an abundant supply of precious nectar to the hive-bee.
But then the dawn of bitter recollection that succeeded - the waking to find life a blank, and worse than a blank, teeming with torment and misery - not a mere barren wilderness, but full of thorns and briers - to find myself deceived, duped, hopeless, my affections trampled upon, my angel not an angel, and my friend a fiend incarnate - it was worse than if I had not slept at all.
It shall walk incarnate in every just and wise man.
And truly Buck was the Fiend incarnate, raging at their heels and dragging them down like deer as they raced through the trees.
It was something that was being awakened in him, an image incarnate of outward conditions, as cruel, as ugly, as maleficent as were those outward conditions.
He was the incarnate suspicion, the incarnate anger, the incarnate ruthlessness of a political and social regime on its defence.
Everything a woman wears or touches immediately incarnates something of herself.
She will not remain orbed in a thought, but rushes into persons; and when each person, inflamed to a fury of personality, would conquer all things to his poor crotchet, she raises up against him another person, and by many persons incarnates again a sort of whole.
Due to his clean bill of health along with the upcoming expiration of his contract with Vince McMahon's company, speculation is ripe that the Beast Incarnate is (http://au.
The Order of the Most Holy Trinity and of the Captives will receive funds to collaborate with the Institute of the Incarnate Word, both Catholic religious orders, which will distribute funds in Iraq
She attended the University of Incarnate Word and has served as a mentor for students at Business Careers High School.