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welcome rites, Mass and overnight veneration at Carmel of the Incarnate Word, San Pablo, Laguna;
The event honored the Sisters of the Incarnate Word and Blessed Sacrament, who founded the private Catholic academy in 1871.
The Beast Incarnate was on the stands that day and Mir was adamant in calling out Lesnar that he had his belt, setting up a rematch and unification bout for the heavyweight championship.
People who believe that God the Father suffered along with the incarnate Christ the Son.
Last week's episode The Longest Day was arguably one of the best the series has produced with the return of former vampire evil incarnate Herrick.
James Kearney, an assistant professor of English Literature at the University of California, Santa Barbara, presents with The Text Incarnate a revised version of his 2001 doctoral dissertation, Matters of the Book: The Incarnate Text in Renaissance England (University of Pennsylvania).
The Incarnate Text: Imagining the Book in Reformation England.
A leading provider of enterprise business software solutions, Epicor will unveil the 'Epicor for Financial Services' together with its local partner Incarnate ICT.
If Christ is to come more fully into our lives this Christmas, if God is to become really incarnate for us, then fire will have to be present in our prayer.
Outside court her sister Louise Scannell wept as she read a family statement saying: "He is in our eyes the devil incarnate.
This is not an abstract God or one limited to the spiritual realm; this Messiah is flesh and blood, completely incarnate and fully sharing the human experience.
en la Christ The Incarnate Parish Church, en el 8503 de South Kirkwood Road.