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Despite the author having conducted some fieldwork in the country, the book displays little cultural insight and--for an academic work--there are a number of incautious sociocultural generalizations.
Residents also said that Dr Tariq Fazal Chaudhry has been elected as PML-N MNA twice from this constituency but on the repetitive reminders he is showing incautious behaviour.
He explains: "Any television networker would be rather incautious to say, 'Yes David, you're 88 but I'll still commission you to do another series.
He was not completely incautious, ducking questions about the indictment itself and saying he had said in earlier forums everything he wanted to say.
That is good news not only for the hard-working doctors and nurses who have to tend those who have fallen, fought or simply become ill because they have necked back a few too many alcopops or whatever tipple is these days favoured by the incautious drinker.
Overall, Pakistan must develop the mindset of benefiting from GSP Plus and must ensure that this is not vitiated due to incautious, intentional or inadvertent actions by stakeholders.
With his incautious statements, the Ombudsman confronts the society and law enforcement agencies without supporting his statements with concrete facts," the Interior Ministry concluded.
She goes on to conjecture: "I think that the reason he didn't want to return to Russia even for a day was so that this incautious prophecy would not come to be.
exec Michael Garin, CEO of Abu Dhabi's Image Nation, who is keeping the deep-pocketed production outfit on a self-sustaining and financially disciplined course after some reportedly incautious Hollywood deals made under previous CEO Edward Borgerding.
Pricey onboard temptations affect cruise passengers too, adding to the total cost of their vacations, at least for the incautious.
THE US AMBASSADOR'S SPEECH I think US Ambassador to Egypt Anne Patterson has been too incautious in her embrace and praise of the Muslim Brotherhood in the last two years.