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Incense burning should only be carried out inside a designated joss paper furnace or iron bucket.
We dropped observations with missing values for birth weight (26 observations), incense burning (3 observations), maternal smoking during pregnancy (5 observations), maternal health indicators (58 observations), number of previous births (65 observations), parental weight and height (242 observations), parental chronic illness (108 observations), marital status (2 observations), and parental religion (8 observations).
While the Government does not intend to make burning incense an offence, the fear is that it may be included in the legislation inadvertently, partly because it is hard to define exactly what the phrase psychoactive substance refers to.
No matter what the symbolic meaning of incense might be, it is not surprising that it has become such a prominent part of Catholic liturgy.
When he went into the business in the 1970s, he says he only sold homemade incense produced locally, but he recalls when imported fragrances began arriving in Sana'a in the early 1990s from places like India, China and Cambodia.
He follows incense through Tuareg weddings, Indian taxis, the Israelites' temple and the modern home.
Frankincense--the incense traditionally burned in religious ceremonies--can cause coughing fits in people with respiratory problems and force them out of church to seek fresh air.
com site also tries to entice people into buying multiple drugs - by offering a free 1g of herbal incense with every order over PS40.
Censers were used on various occasions; ancient folks burned incense as prayers and tributes to Heaven and the deities as well as to purify the interior environment and calm the mind.
The Georgia Department of Public Health in August warned state residents to beware of potentially lethal chemicals in herbal incense sold in convenience stores and smoke shops.
Dubai: Residents who burn incense such as oud and bakhoor in their homes -- a cultural practice -- have been cautioned about the potential risk of inflammation of the lungs.