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Independent experts and the INCENSe Evaluation Committee, which is composed of managers from the partner companies that kick-started the initiative, launched the evaluation process in October.
While the Government does not intend to make burning incense an offence, the fear is that it may be included in the legislation inadvertently, partly because it is hard to define exactly what the phrase psychoactive substance refers to.
No matter what the symbolic meaning of incense might be, it is not surprising that it has become such a prominent part of Catholic liturgy.
When he went into the business in the 1970s, he says he only sold homemade incense produced locally, but he recalls when imported fragrances began arriving in Sana'a in the early 1990s from places like India, China and Cambodia.
The inspectors also confiscated the equipment used for filling the cans with oud, packaging perfumed incense and labels of famous trade brands," he said.
As Qur'anic passages were recited from prominently placed platforms, incense would burn and drift across the open space of the prayer hall.
She discovered a hypoallergenic brand of incense called Trinity that church supply companies sell online.
Previous studies reported concentrations of volatile organic compounds and particulate matter in incense emissions similar to those in cigarette smoke.
It has a similar two-for-one offer on Bliss herbal incense.
Censers were used on various occasions; ancient folks burned incense as prayers and tributes to Heaven and the deities as well as to purify the interior environment and calm the mind.
When ingested or inhaled, the substance, which is sold as incense or "bath salts," caused at least eight patients to require hospitalization in southeast Georgia, and some were on life support, the department said in an Aug.