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TITLE DEFENCE: Ricky Hatton has incensed rival Ray Oliveira
We should be incensed such a system is legal and that the value of the family as a support unit in times of crisis and confusion can be so casually disregarded.
I didn't read your original comments but was incensed by those that were printed in response to it.
HURT: A steward, hit by a bottle, is carried out of crowd RAGING: Livid Arsenal fans show their anger TWO BAD: The Adebayor goal celebration that so incensed the Arsenal fans and (inset) his crazy stamp on Robin van Persie
IN response to Anne Fleming, please take the time to get your facts right before being 'incensed'.
CHELSEA boss Jose Mourinho got so incensed at one point he appeared to be sent to the stand by referee Graham Poll, although a few seconds later he was back on the bench and so will, after all, be able to lead his team out at the new Wembley.
SINN Fein president Gerry Adams said republicans were "incensed" by the recent focus on IRA disbandment.
The move has incensed the organisers of today's demo, Profile Alliance, who've accused Boots are "promoting abortion and contraception" to under age girls.