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Incentive legislation usually requires strict accountability from both business and the government, which can be difficult to attain.
With the expensing of equity incentives, wise boards will use the full arsenal of incentive vehicles to optimally calibrate the tradeoff between pay and performance and not settle for the flavor du jour.
The smallest amount of cash incentive that can be given and still increase response rates is unknown.
By dropping the allocation levels below real emissions, we're just starting to cross over to the point where the incentive begins to kick in," says Atwood.
In the minimal-corroboration condition, when there was no explicit incentive for management to misstate financial results, only 25% of the auditors revised their plans.
The Vermont Work Incentive Initiative will measure the impact that health and long-term care coverage has on the employment and well-being of rehabilitation clients with disabilities.
Fisher and Peters, in their book, Industrial Incentives: Competition Among American States and Cities, developed the Tax and Incentives Model to compare States' and cities' incentive programs by focusing on the financial benefits generated by incentives.
While incentive levels vary from project to project, the incentive can fund a major portion of the project cost.
Charlotte Cuno with the Supreme Court urging the high court to reverse a lower court decision that puts in jeopardy state tax incentives in Ohio and throughout the country.
Although every project is unique, it is not unusual for a financially strong company, creating 100 or more jobs, to realize a state and local incentive package of tax savings and direct assistance valued in excess of several million dollars," proclaims a brochure for the State of Kansas (see sidebar, "The Kansas Come-on").
The report also covers the best available incentive tools available for businesses seeking to find the best economic advantage when deciding on a new location in the U.