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Meanwhile Incept was handling original equipment manufacturing (OEM), producing products for other brands, and, more crucially, Alastair's design nous was leading to the development of a diversified product range.
Today Incept Marine manufactures and exports world class inflatable boats, Whitewater rafts, inflatable kayaks and canoes, sea kayaks and rescue craft, in addition to OEM.
Incept went above and beyond, delivering on time and handling extra work including laminating canvas onto the raw raft material before construction to create authentic looking replicas.
While still very much a family business, Incept Marine has grown from a band of three to a company that currently has nine on the factory floor and four in the office.
Commenting on the research findings, Nick Gazzard at Incept said: "The potential C[O.
Law firms and corporations will use INCEPT to accurately estimate the potential time and cost to handle a case.
For existing iCONECT clients, INCEPT software will deliver a full end-to-end solution allowing documents to flow seamlessly from capture and processing through to production," said Ian Campbell, Chief Operating Officer for iCONECT Development, LLC.
The integration of CAAT into INCEPT is a natural extension of Content Analyst's technology into an area of the e-discovery market that will bring great value to iCONECT's partners, customers and the industry as a whole.
Coverage provided by the bond incepts June 17, 2011, and runs for a period of 18 months.
From this there are plans to streamline shipping as well as to integrate a purchase tracking system which allows for behavioral incepts designed to support mass-ordering by medium to large based clients.