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Informal institutions are still the key, in large part, of political and economic exchange and organizational functioning, which is a consequence of not evolving a legal institutional framework, resulting in uncertainty and institutional incertitude (International Institute of Governance, 1998).
Toute autre approche risquerait, de notre point de vue, de compromettre les efforts que la MISCA deploie presentement, avec l'appui de l'operation SANGARIS, en creant une incertitude qui ne fera que fragiliser les gains deja enregistres et compliquer la situation sur le terrain.
Postmodern: playful behavior, alternative, variants, giving up limits, borders, indetermination, ambivalence, mixture of styles, denial, rebellion, mobility, ephemeral, immediate, originality, discontinuity, decentralized, fragmentary, tolerance, incertitude, intercultural, indeterminacy (a concept which, in Ihab Hassan's opinion, is composed of indetermination and immanence).
There was confusion between the incertitude regarding the existence or the extent of an obligation, which could be unilateral, and the chance to perform benefits or the possibility to suffer a loss that could be only bilateral.
The greatest incertitude is related to the brain death stabilization (42% think there is a chance that the patient will recover from the brain death), the functionality of the collected organs (48% consider that the collected organs are no longer functional), the risks of disease transmission by transplantation (49%).
DuRocher and Margaret Olofson Thickstun offer a reason for this collection of essays: To counter the "critics of incertitude," specifically Michael Bryson's The Tyranny of Heaven: The Rejection of God as King (2004), Peter Herman's Destabilizing Milton: "Paradise Lost" and the Poetics of Incertitude (2005), and Christopher D'Addario's Exile and Journey in Seventeenth-Century Literature (2007).
Elle n'a toutefois pas quantifie ce risque important, ce qui a entraine une incertitude considerable dans les poursuites ulterieures.
En fait, la seule grosse incertitude qui pesait sur cette finale, c'etait la presence ou non d'un orage au moment de son deroulement, comme pour le 100 m.
In a first approach, it was supposed that citrates and pentaerythritol esters families are also represented by straight lines parallel to phthalate one and that the gap between the lines and the experimental points results only from experimental incertitude.
I hope it all gets sorted out as soon as possible to be rid of all this incertitude.
Pour aller plus loin, on remarquera que le refoulement des sentiments accentue par les ruptures narratives et les tournures didactiques du roman inquiete le lecteur et suscite son incertitude.
The methodology adopted for the tests and the criteria considered to quantify the parameters integrated in the process give a qualification of the tool without incertitude.