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New York [USA], Nov 7 ( ANI ): Tired of rattling your brains identifying that tune incessantly stuck in your head?
Ken is in even worse shape than Mary--drinking heavily, smoking incessantly and overweight.
The Yemeni-Turkish economic relations are growing incessantly.
Like all leading moralists of the age, I have spent the past few days brooding incessantly on the lady who threw the cat into the wheelie bin.
Day-in day-out, it's constant noise in my home and during the night they continue to stomp around incessantly.
When not writing or working out, Robinson amuses herself by painting things red, daydreaming about her next latte and watching Gilmore Girls incessantly.
AT THE Rajiv Gandhi National Awards, Priyanka Chopra and Shahid Kapur, who were supposed to have broken up, were spotted chatting incessantly.
My partner was recently diagnosed with cancer and our papillon dog, Molly, became agitated and would sniff the affected area incessantly.
It is time to reflect on the future, on the next 50 years when we shall continue to struggle incessantly.
This site allows you to complain incessantly without anyone judging you, and you can say anything you like about anything you like.
But it deteriorated as the night progressed, with the rain pouring down incessantly.
However, I can well understand why some mothers (or dads for that matter) would be reluctant to do so when pensioners spend their time moaning incessantly about everything.