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This is believed to be the fourth case of incestuous sex involving Emiratis to have surfaced in Dubai courts.
In conjunction with the representation of the occult through which Hopkins achieves what Gillman describes as a "radical recontextualizing" of "blood" as a metaphor for race, Of One Blood also reconceptualizes the incestuous implications of the "one blood" decree as a way to "make blood thus speak out of school ...
In the introduction Quilligan surveys theories of society by Claude Levi-Strauss, Gayle Rubin, and others, arguing that early modern English society imagined female agency as a monstrous growth predicated on incestuous female desire.
The texts were quotations from Sade's Eugenie de Franval (1800), a novella recounting an incestuous affair between father and daughter and one of the author's most concentrated works.
Inspired by Sophocles' play, Oedipus Rex, Enescu's opera (with a French libretto by Edmond Fleg) tells the story of Oedipus from birth, through his patricide, his incestuous relationship with his mother, his blinding and death.
A lot of music scenes become somewhat incestuous over time, especially when there is a shortage of talent.
Surprisingly, given the historical victory of Protestantism in England, the discursive battle was won by the latter argument, leaving the way clear for natural law (and state jurisdiction) to become the area with responsibility for determining incestuous union, rather than divine law (and ecclesiastical jurisdiction).
Shows will focus on incestuous relationships and neighbours who've threatened to kill each other.
This entertaining legal thriller grips the audience more for the almost incestuous ties between the defendant, her defense team, and the prosecution-police side.
(10) Indeed psychoanalysts interpreted girls' claims of sex with their fathers as proof of the strength of female adolescent Oedipal desire--and therefore its potential enactment--rather than as evidence of the pervasiveness of incestuous fantasy among children.
Mom says the youngest daughter would be better off dead and dad's behavious borders on the incestuous when it comes to his older daughter.