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Marc Shell explains that while the "rhetoric of the universalist position--'All human beings are siblings'--is beguiling," a position that embraces monogenesis but ignores the problem of incest is inconsistent, for "even in the entire world, the hypothesis of human monogenesis the belief that all men and women are descended in common from a single couple (Adam and Eve, say)--might mean that any and all sexual liaisons would be potentially incestuous and hence, teleologically speaking, also actually incestuous" (Shell 625, 641).
The demonstration of the pervasiveness of an incestuous component to female agency relies on a troublingly rapid alternation between general and precise definitions of incest.
Quilligan examines portraits of Elizabeth, her letters, and poetry to uncover the "incestuous eroticism underlying Elizabeth's famed virginity" (34), and demonstrates how Elizabeth's translation of Marguerite de Navarre's Glass of a Sinful Soul, published five times from 1548 to 1590, deploys metaphors of incest to depict the relationship of soul to God and reflects the use Elizabeth made of her incestuous past to keep herself an untraded woman.
Underpinning her complex historical and epistemological argument is a simple and persuasive feminist contention, that the prohibition on incest is not about protecting women from the predatoriness of men who bear kinship with them, but rather about the securing of male property interests (the children of incestuous union are not legitimate and thus cannot inherit).
Shows will focus on incestuous relationships and neighbours who've threatened to kill each other.
This entertaining legal thriller grips the audience more for the almost incestuous ties between the defendant, her defense team, and the prosecution-police side.
There is no question that these social workers, as Linda Gordon has amply demonstrated, withheld judgement when confronted with complaints of incest, and failed to investigate incestuous fathers, even when they had evidence of sexual abuse.
Mom says the youngest daughter would be better off dead and dad's behavious borders on the incestuous when it comes to his older daughter.
lived lives of dyke drama in a community that was as incestuous as any group of lesbians today.
Maria realises that they have violated Code 46, a law designed to guard against procreation between DNA-unsuitable partners and to prevent any accidental or deliberate genetically incestuous reproduction.
She captures beautifully the emotions experienced in recalling an incestuous childhood, a lost love, a broken marriage and all the other disappointments of everyday life faced by Rose and Petie as well as life's joys and pleasures when shared with a friend.
Natural selection preserved this innate response, Westermarck argued, because it guards against incestuous couplings, which increase the odds of defective offspring.