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un pecado que llaman en latin incestus, que quier tanto decir como pecado que ome faze yaciendo a sabienda con su pariente, o con parienta de su muger o de otra con quien ouiese yacido, fasta el quarto grado, o si yoguiesse alguno con su madrastra, o con madre o fija, o con su cunada o con su nuera, o si alguno yoguiesse con muger de Orden o con su afijada o con su comadre (Cuarta Partida, Titulo II, ley 13, p.
The critical difference between monogenesis and incest is made apparent by the etymology roots of "incest": from the Latin incestus (in- + castus), incestuous relationships are impure.
Asi, incestus comprende toda aquella accion contraria a las leyes religiosas puesto que denota lo <<impuro>> y lo <<criminal>>.
Onno signs the confession to the 'Crimen Tentati Incestus met twee van mijn Kinderen' ['crime of incest with two of my children'], under protest, turning to Christianity for solace and taking refuge in the idea that it was God's will:
The relationship between these two elements is certainly not coincidental or unmotivated, for "incest" is derived from the Latin incestus, composed of the prefix in- and castus (pure, chaste), meaning "impure," or "not chaste.
44] Seventeenth-century Dutch lawyers made clear distinctions between incestus juris civilis and incestus juris gentum.