incidental mention

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Conversations making incidental mention of government business likely won't be required to be made public.
An incidental mention on local news during the last few days before the election?
1) An incidental mention of an investment company or fund family with no discussion of its investment qualifications does not need to be reported.
Thereafter Cyrus only makes incidental mention of what she terms "handwriting style" (for instance, on pages 43, 45 and 96).
A former wine critic clearly enamored of his subject, he doesn't shy away from the most incidental mention of anything vinous in the letters and conversation not just of Jefferson but of anyone with whom he had the most minimal contact.
The most controversial limb of this study involves an attempt to provide a detailed 'comparison' of De Quincey and Franz Kafka, initially through incidental mention of the many 'parallels' between their work, and then in the form of a final chapter devoted to the two writers.
Patrick himself, patron of Ireland and the saint most frequently referred to by Joyce, receives only incidental mention because the connection between the two has become the well tilled scholarly field of Vincent Deane and Roland McHugh.
Pic ends where Bunuel's biography begins, with the haunting drums of his childhood home of Calanda, while Variety receives an incidental mention as "the world's finest entertainment magazine.
Now, almost forty years later, Tommie's incidental mention of Randow brings him an anonymous phone call and an armed visitor (one of those buddies from his old gang whose new gang seemed to have become the Stasi) - and subsequently a lucrative offer to do an expose on this "Sache mit Randow" for his old magazine, now that its editor is no longer under party control.
Although the Austrian Grillparzer and his works are treated in some detail (246-9) Raimund and Nestroy receive only incidental mention.
Although cases of cystic hygroma have been reported in the literature in which incidental mention is made of the circumstances surrounding delivery, these reports included only cases of cystic hygroma of the neck.