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Contingent upon or pertaining to something that is more important; that which is necessary, appertaining to, or depending upon another known as the principal.

Under Workers' Compensation statutes, a risk is deemed incidental to employment when it is related to whatever a worker must do in order to fulfill the employment contract, but is not the primary function that the worker was hired to do.


adjective accessory, accidental, added, additional, allied, associated, attendant, extrinsic, forte oblatus, minor, not vital, parenthetic, subordinate, subsidiary, supervenient, supplementary
Associated concepts: incidental authority, incidental beneeits, incidental consequence, incidental damages, incidental expenses, incidental jurisdiction, incidental power, incidennal relief, incidental to employment, incidental use, incidennal work
See also: appurtenance, casual, circumstantial, collateral, conditional, extraneous, extrinsic, immaterial, impertinent, inapposite, irrelevant, nonessential, particular, random, subject, supplementary, tangential, unessential