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The most relevant properties of computer discourse inferred from general discourse are as follows: combination of real and virtual vectors in the characteristics of communication (real and virtual space, time, real interlocutors and virtual masks-nicks); imitative nature of communication; diffusion of different in nature forms of speech (oral and written), and the presence of specific contaminated expressive visual means (emoticons); shaping of distinct communication communities, free from traditional social framework, but establishing their own due process of communication; incipience of intercultural communicative sphere, enhancing current trends in world globalization.
Before Mir Drnad, there was a basic dichotomy: either the cosmos has a beginning in time, in which case it possesses temporal incipience (hud[.
Observations regarding incipience of moulting (day), number of animals and percentage of animals moulted during the experimental period in control and experimental (1x[10.
The first, already noted, is the importance of gender difference, which is, of course, more important in adolescence even than in childhood or youth because of the incipience of sexual activity.
If verse means to return, to repeat, then the order here of the thrust of the implied narrative depends on its verse, its returns to themes and images, one of which is that "I thought the world was held by language as if it were an incipience.
Incipience of the "loser" or "abject art" trends of the early '90s.
Not only do we see in this paradigm shift the nexus of greed and capitalism, but also the incipience of aggression in problem solving.
But she was more than that Being an incipience a correlative An instigation of the reaction of man From the palpable to the transcendent Mollescent irritant of his fantasy Gina has her use Being useful Contentedly conscious She flowered in Empyrean From which no well-mated woman ever returns.
The Nazarenes (a title not of their own choosing, but given them by boorish jeering critics) sought in their quasi-monastic comradeship, and in the artistic practices of the fifteenth century, a way of ignori ng both the ravages of Napoleon's European wars and the incipience of Prussian militarism.
At the same time, it reminds us that in Perelandra Lewis works within a long literary and philosophical tradition--stretching back well before Milton to early Christian writers like Augustine, and continuing well after Lewis to contemporary Christian philosophers like Paul Ricoeur, to name only two important Christian thinkers who have wrestled with the perplexing problem of the incipience of evil in a truly sinless being.