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However symmetrical or violence-imitative this performance might seem--diegetically, for the characters involved--what this shame-originated, incipiently transformative performance (Sedgwick, Touching Feeling 35-65) creates, is an open-ended, non-complacent deferral for the audience who never gets the visual gratification of the voyeur (Alvaro, the "visual rapists") or the narrative one of the happy ending.
Channel with Rare, incipiently unidirectional little flow, dammed formed and close to the lake and with scarce fragmented spicules macrophytic vegetation.
The exclusion of gender when defining the problem, only incipiently outlined by the anti-prostitution discourse, suggests a reservoir of intervention possibilities, which are useful for education / pedagogy of social equality.
740 appear to have been entered in order to promote the incipiently Laudian dimensions of the text, dimensions that Baspoole exaggerates in his own revised version of it.
That's how closely we were meant to work together: a single, incipiently (and in my case rather unconvincingly) blokish unit.
65) The Jewish/progressive element was incipiently evident in Meet the Parents, through Greg (given name Gaylord) Focker's occupation as a male nurse at an inner-city hospital, but the ethnic/ideological linkage was left dangling.
2 (some more-derived dichobunines plus lantianiine, some eurodexine dichobunids): Ms quadrate, incipiently selenodont; hypocone distinct; metaconule in latter two groups still connected to protocone by postprotocrista, interrupting transverse valley (TV) (OW).
I was living in a world where nothing bears out in practice what it promises incipiently, I have troubled myself very little about theories.
If so, does it retain any of the incipiently resistant or even 'utopian' qualities that, as has been argued elsewhere, (6) might be found in the type of boredom more characteristic of the 'classical' phase of Fordist capitalism?
Firstly, TO's are incipiently postulated as arrangements planned to exist only for a timeframe, and then dissolve, as the name implies.
Based on the first difference observed, a factor of variation in the forms of teaching of the participating professors can be profiled incipiently, related to the major or minor presence of the professor's discourse in the classroom.
Given the importance Osborne places on a "philosophy of contemporary art" (as well as on "the fiction of the contemporary," "the semantics of the contemporary," "our incipiently global contemporaneity," and a great many other kindred expressions), it is surprising how little contemporary art there is in the book.