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Reduction was limited to the amount that would yield an incisal edge thickness of 1.
The detofacial analysis showed a convex curve of the incisal edge to lower lip, considered the ideal situation in 47,1% of cases and straight incisal edge to lower lip in 45,3% of cases.
Anterior open-bite (AOB) is a malocclusion that is characterized by decrease in the normal vertical overlap between upper and lower incisal edges when the molars are in occlusion (1).
Fig 18: Adjustment of the incisal edge morphology finishing procedure with abra- sive disks to impart a high luster while maintaining the existing texture and surface anatomy Fig 18, 19, 20, 21: Superficial polishing with diamond past (Excel diamond A) applied with felt disks Fig 22: Occlusal adjustment of the restoration.
The load was applied using a chisel-shaped steel pin, corresponding to the shape and dimension of the incisal edge of a lower incisor.
All of the diabetic animals showed a blunting of the normally sharp and smooth surface at the incisal end, and, in some cases, complete loss of the incisal edge of the tooth (Fig 1d).
In maxillary left central incisor the fracture line enrooted from the center of incisal edge through the pulp chamber extending beyond the cervical line into the sub gingival area.
The incisal edge reattachment technique compared with the traditional restorative procedures offers the possibility to re-establish the contour, the architecture and the original brightness of tooth easily, and with a positive emotional response and greater acceptance from the patient
The midline, incisal edge position, occlusal plane, buccal lip support, and anterior segment were indicated on the acrylic maxillary base and wax rim.
Clinical examination revealed a mild to moderate swelling over the chin and a draining chin point sinus; tooth 41 was intrinsically discoloured and there was evidence of attrition on the incisal edge.
The maximum incisogingival length was measured from the gingival margin to the incisal edge vertically slightly distal to the middle of the tooth.
The incisors showed a buccal and palatal groove from the incisal edge to the cervical portion of the tooth and were not affected either by dental caries or periodontal problems.