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As I had discovered, California Bay Area fan-palm trees such as Washingtonia robusta make poor substitutes, not only because their leaves are much narrower, but also because their rougher leaf surface makes incising difficult.
The incising would have to be at least 13,000 years old because that is when the animals became extinct and more recent people would not have seen an elephant to etch," Purdy wrote in her report about the find.
For example, incising is demonstrated with Styrofoam and a dull pencil.
During a performance, Hebert sits at a table frantically incising his expressive, jagged marks into the emulsion of a narrow strip of film, reflecting the situation of every worker who has ever had to keep up with the pace of a machine.
The incising patterns varied widely among treating plants; thus, no attempt is made to describe them here.
kiln, a softball sized chunk of clay cloth, rolling pin or dowel, lattice strips, cloth, clay knife and incising tools, bathroom tissue cardboard tube, acrylic paints small wood pieces for bases, glue, paper towels
Besides incising the clay, we used scoring and slip to add thin coils and slabs.
Incising was used to enlarge the glue-bonding areas between two plies, while soap washing was used to remove some of the penta on the surfaces of contiguous plies.