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Incisional hernia repair can be divided into suture repair and mesh repair and also open ventral hernia repair (OVHR) and laparoscopic ventral hernia repair (LVHR).
Incidence of incisional hernia in the two groups was 5% and 15% respectively at the end of 3 months.
La hernia incisional se define como un tipo de hernia ventral y se desarrolla en el sitio de incision en el que se realizo cualquier procedimiento abdominal, aunque en un porcentaje muy bajo (0,5 a 1%) pueden ser primarias (4-6).
Incisional hernias are also categorised by recurrence
Post-operative local complications included wound infection, anastomotic leakage, post-operative ileus, post-operative bleeding, and foecal fistula/ entero-cutaneous fistula, incisional hernia.
Similar findings were reported in a study conducted in Korea which showed that only incisional pain was significantly reduced during the first three post- operative hours either with combination of intraperitoneal and incisional infiltration of bupivacaine or incisional application alone.
Key Words: Incisional hernia Onlay method Sublay method.
Throwing more light on the incidence of incisional hernia, Dr Anoop Panigrahi, Head of Minimal Invasive Surgery Department of RAK Hospital, explained: "A person who gains significant weight after an abdominal surgery, becomes pregnant or participates in activities that increase abdominal pressure like heavy lifting, is most at risk for an incisional hernia.
Victoria Odita was rushed to RAK Hospital in critical condition as a result of an incisional hernia in her abdomen, which caused her intestines to hang out of her body.
La hernia incisional se define como un defecto que ocurre a traves de una herida quirurgica (1).
The patient had an incisional biopsy interpreted by Dr.