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Incisive provides award-winning and innovative risk intelligence through spreadsheet management solutions.
ORCA InCISIVE is an innovative network technology capable of reducing the cost of electricity, increasing safety and reliability of the grid.
By utilizing Incisive Specman Elite Testbench, Sharp reduced its hardware verification time by 50 percent, which enabled the company to meet its product target dates with higher quality.
According to Incisive, Locator uses flexible and configurable user-defined attributes and priorities, and helps organizations identify their riskiest spreadsheets and offers transparency into its calculations so its results are trustworthy.
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Event organizers reported that the premiere event, which was held March 2011 at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre, was well-received by the industry, and Incisive Media had planned to expand the event in 2012.
17 January 2012 - Incisive Surgical Inc said on Tuesday that a new clinical study, results of which have been published by Archives of Gynecology & Obstetrics Journal in October 2011, showed that the use of subcuticular absorbable staples for skin closure after caesarean section may lead to less in-hospital analgesic use.
Projects and associated information are stored in a repository, which may be hosted in the cloud by Incisive, reside on a local network or remain on a local computer.
Many of our customers prefer the Cadence Incisive functional verification platform and the OVM-ready verification IP provided by Cadence to achieve the goals of first-time success with their SoC.
Incisive Media (New York) is merging "Legal Times" magazine into "National Law Journal" beginning in May.
Incisive Media (New York) has formed a Legal Business Solutions division to focus on expansion and marketing of Incisive products and services used by law firms to manage their businesses and organizations.