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s work is so incisively argued and comprehensive in its treatment of recent constructive theology that it ought to be required reading in any graduate class in soteriology.
Lord Mandelson, in his interview with the Sunday Mirror, incisively identifies the Cameron problem.
The article by Barry Irving incisively calls upon us to question our assumptions, the foundations upon which we construct the profession and intentions for social justice through education.
Rather than, say, focusing narrowly on the details of contemporary Anglo-American liberal theory, as do responses to John Rawls's concept of "public reason" (which demands of all participants in a liberal polity that they offer their colleagues reasons in principle accessible to everyone and hence independent of particular faith commitments), Baker ranges widely along the horizon, incisively characterizing and commenting on these arguments and many others.
This kind of behaviour cannot be tolerated in a professional, elite sporting environment and we have acted quickly and incisively in order to leave no ambiguity over the dim view we take of this situation.
Exemplifying a set of practical-cum-theoretical tendencies--the two are now inextricably linked, which is part of the story--without forcing them into an infelicitous ism, Singer incisively grouped twenty-two New York-based artists whose works, per the press release, exhibit "diverging conceptual approaches to abstract painting and question the fundamental roots of the medium's modernist legacies.
Although the religion discussed is Judaism, the depth and originality of these philosophers, as incisively interpreted by Putnam, make their thought nothing less than a guide to life.
Louis University, critiques incisively ethics associated with sociobiology, divine command theory, postmodern relativism, and analytic moral philosophy.
We would like to thank our many loyal reviewers who provided incisively thorough and constructive feedback to authors who submitted to the journal.
The shifting moods of the slow movement, which opens like a cradle song but continually veers off into something much more disturbing, were incisively captured.
His spoke incisively of imagination and democracy, of exploring America through poetry, singing circles and discussions with nationals and immigrants, students, senior citizens and everyone in between.
Marriner and the Academy play them straightforwardly, incisively, without a hint of sentimentality or undue exaggeration.