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He is the writer who most incisively and insistently comments on the moral and metaphysical infrastructure of literary and critical art, while having the most exuberantly appreciative appetite for literary artistry.
Rather than, say, focusing narrowly on the details of contemporary Anglo-American liberal theory, as do responses to John Rawls's concept of "public reason" (which demands of all participants in a liberal polity that they offer their colleagues reasons in principle accessible to everyone and hence independent of particular faith commitments), Baker ranges widely along the horizon, incisively characterizing and commenting on these arguments and many others.
He wrote well and incisively for the GDN on social issues.
An ISPR press release said that the aim of the meeting was to incisively evaluate the security situation and preparatory measures undertaken to pre-empt any untoward incident.
The veteran former skipper believes that he still has plenty to offer England and his ability to retain possession and pass incisively was sorely missed at the finals.
s work is so incisively argued and comprehensive in its treatment of recent constructive theology that it ought to be required reading in any graduate class in soteriology.
For Apalais, large scale serves above all to establish emptiness as a backdrop for incisively executed arrangements of motifs, literally giving them space.
He described PSP attitude with regards to developments as being incisively comprehensive.
AS USUAL, my friend Michael O'Neill (Viewpoints, December 30) writes incisively about Obama's first year.
Exemplifying a set of practical-cum-theoretical tendencies--the two are now inextricably linked, which is part of the story--without forcing them into an infelicitous ism, Singer incisively grouped twenty-two New York-based artists whose works, per the press release, exhibit "diverging conceptual approaches to abstract painting and question the fundamental roots of the medium's modernist legacies.
Our insights - with no conflict of interest - allow our clients to incisively analyze key market players, and ultimately, to act with confidence.