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Played under unusually oppressive heat, the match at Al Mamzar never rose to expectations with Al Jazira sorely missing incisiveness in attack due to the absence of their foreign duo of Jefferson Farfan and Mirko Vucinic.
Though the overall premise would be right at home in a screwball comedy, A Better Man has an incisiveness that goes straight to the dark core of a troubled marriage.
This is a very distinctive piano trio working with great intellectual incisiveness but also making music of excitement and emotional depth.
He's lively and always dangerous with his change of direction, his incisiveness and how penetrative he is.
However, Wigan will need to force the pace a little more in front of their home fans and may lack the incisiveness to open up well-organised Wednesday, who have shipped just 21 league goals this season - only fourth-placed Middlesbrough have conceded fewer.
As the game wore on Everton struggled to show any incisiveness as Hull dug in and at the final whistle the Blues left the field to boos from some of their supporters, who have now seen their team win only three of their last 10 home league matches.
The incisiveness of Ozil's passing always makes you turn quickly from defence to offence - and that is very important.
Ozil has always the timing of the pass, the incisiveness of his passing helps you turn quickly from defence to offense.
He said that art has embraced me and I continue my love affair with art by trying to portray with honesty, delicacy and incisiveness, the colours of my country.
There's honesty, melancholy, humour and a lyrical incisiveness that elevates him above other songwriters and underlines what a thrill it is to have him back.
The incisiveness and vividness of the portrayal are tremendous: "Some drinks laterhis shirt undoneone tail front right hangingtie askewfly unzipped.
AN 11-minute goal from Dan MacDonald settled a fairly even match, from which given a little more incisiveness in front of goal Airbus would surely have garnered a result.