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in Moroccan Blue Incline, Admiral Blue Incline, Ruby Red Incline, and Ivory Cream Incline.
As shown in Figure 3, the inclination angle can be adjusted between [theta] = 0[degrees] (vertical) and [theta] = 30[degrees]; in addition, the test tube can incline through different directions with the help of the moveable platform.
A great way to challenge the body is to use the incline ramp that is there on a treadmill, especially if the machine is being used by you for some time.
Global investment bank Sixpoint Partners has closed its Incline Equity Partners IV, L.P., with USD 601.125m of total capital commitments, the company said.
Incline Village is a little bit of paradise on the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe -- the skiing mecca -- where on "Billionaires' Row," bold-face names like Michael Milken; Larry Ellison, Oracle co-founder; David Duffield, PeopleSoft co-founder; and Gene Pretti, CEO of investment managers Zazove, boast lavish mansions on the big blue lake.
The SmartFlex Helical Curve allows incline or decline movement through corners and straights, and provides capability for vertical incline with minimal space.
Incline. Incline workouts generate greater muscle activity since you are working against gravity.
The KONG Incline Scratcher is a practical cat scratcher made from renewable and recyclable resources.
DONEGAL is not a county renowned for achieving major race success, but on the second day of the 2007 Galway festival Ray McGlinchey, who trained in Inver, near Donegal town, enjoyed the biggest win of his career when 25-1 shot Incline landed the Tote Galway Mile, the race now known as the Topaz Mile.
is month marked the anniversary of the opening of e Lickey Incline, the steepest sustained main-line railway incline in Great Britain in 1840.
I'm trying to lose weight, and have been incline walking.
Not Quite a Poem I SAID to my doctor If i go up an incline I'm inclined to decline So if I do see an incline I'm inclined to decline it However if I see a decline I'm inclined to take it Rather than decline it He replied If that's how you feel inclined I feel inclined to let you Follow your inclinations I've been going downhill ever since.