incline toward

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At present I incline toward the last of these three courses.
For my part, I think it a much more independent course than borrowing from friends, and I always try to impress this upon those of my acquaintance who incline toward "wanting a couple of pounds till the day after to-morrow." But they won't all see it.
Although I am a realist, I rather incline toward this belief myself.
You will understand, therefore, that we, knowing of this complication in his life, naturally incline towards the theory of murder.
(she would name no names, for that was not her dispositions)--to ANY designing and artful minxes--must be made miserable and unhappy for life, she DID incline towards prewentions.
The daring premise of Martha Cooley's second novel, Thirty-Three Swoons, will no doubt excite readers who incline toward realism leavened with a touch of high-concept fantasy.
I incline toward the view that campaign-finance laws merely slow the flow of money until new loopholes are found, yet that this is in itself valuable.