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In 1953, for instance, Koyre wrote of 'the amazing and pitiful poverty of the experimental means at [Galileo's] disposal,' and derided the inclined plane experiment.
1: Effect of ZEO on muscle coordination in inclined plane, bar represents the percent time spent in seconds by which mice slide off the inclined plane, 30, 60 and 90 min after treatment with normal saline (10 ml/kg), ZEO (50, 100 and 200 mg/kg) or bromazepam (1 mg/kg).
The anterior occlusally oriented inclined plane functions as a bite plane.
However no effect on general behaviour, inclined plane test, rota rod performance, thiopental induced sleep and conditioned avoidance response.
2i] correspond to the average heights of all the conductors in group i to xoz and the inclined plane.
As the knurled body of the discharger is turned in a clockwise direction, the clamps are tightened into place by the inclined plane of the discharger base.
the inclined plane has been used to make prehistoric wedge-shaped tools, screws, the printing press and zip fasteners; the gear is necessary for the development of the mechanical clock, windmills, bicycles and washing machines.
The inclined plane is utilized with wedge mats, allowing students to witness the dimension these machines entail.
Even when Hill seems to offer a solid image, he doesn't, as in his reference to "the dense / Fluctuations of the material" or his statement that "aesthetics are an inclined plane.
With reference to mixed convection in vertical or inclined plane channels, the fully developed regime has been studied analytically by Aung and Worku [3], Barletta and Zanchini [6, 7]; the flow stability has been investigated numerically by Chen and Chung [11, 12]; the reversed flow has been studied experimentally by Gau et al.