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A car gwyllt in action "The hooter went at 4pm and soon after a queue formed at the head of the incline, and a stream of 200 cars or more poured down the inclines.
A raked stage is one that inclines downward toward the audience and is present in approximately 20% of Broadway productions.
The new HabasitLINK R GripTop modular belts have been manufactured with a variety of surface profiles to grip products such as boxes, travelling up steep inclines and maintain product orientation.
By using different inclines and stepping speeds, you can vary the amount of flexion at the ankles and knees, which can further reduce the amount of repetitive overuse on your lower body.
Available with three inclines up to 60 degrees and standard belt widths from 5" to 23", the all-plastic belting snaps together by hand, has no hinge pins and is self-lubricating.
Incline Press -- using an incline bench (you can use varying inclines from 30-45 degrees), press the bar from the upper chest in a path directly up over the shoulders.
Once released, the back inclines in a smooth motion to 50[degrees] or locks infinitely at any position in between.
Standard cleated and sidewall-cleated belt models adjust from 25-60[degrees] inclines.
This end of the building inclines to the amorphous.