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adjective all-embracing, broad, consisting of, containing, embodying, embracing, encircling, enclosing, exhaustive, extensive, full, general, sweeping, total, vast, wide
See also: broad, complete, comprehensive, detailed, extensive, general, gross, omnibus, thorough, total

INCLUSIVE. Comprehended in computation. In computing time, as ten days from a particular time, one day is generally to be included and one excluded. Vide article Exclusive, and the authorities there cited.

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This will ensure that student teachers have the necessary skills in educating children with disabilities in inclusive setting.
Keywords: inclusive growth, aid effectiveness, post-2015 development agenda, access to water, access to sanitation, primary school enrolment, limited information maximum likelihood
The Forum will offer expert-led discussions for both experienced and new investors, inclusive business practitioners, thought leaders from academia and civil society, as well representatives of the development assistance community.
The Post Office All Inclusive Holiday Report has questioned around 14 million holidaymakers worldwide to suggest that while all-inclusive packages are supposed to cater for all meals, often hotels only include some meals, and travellers find themselves having to pay for the rest.
The details are then gathered and two estimated holiday prices are offered - one non all-inclusive holiday, and one First Choice All Inclusive holiday.
Inclusive Health does just that," said Tracey Samayeh, president of Inclusive Health.
Corporate governance and corporate social responsibility - remodeling for enhancing social productivity and inclusive growth; identifying initiatives in industrial productivity and technology for inclusive Growth; and industry and NGO/government partnership for inclusive growth.
While this International Focus Issue is not intended to debate theoretical and philosophical questions of inclusion, as teacher educators and members of the Association for Childhood Education International, we are aware of the potential for effective inclusive education, when implemented properly.
April 25 to July 21 inclusive; July 22 to Aug 31 inclusive; and Sept 1 to Oct 31 inclusive.
The language of the catechism was deliberately chosen to be exclusive and political--though the language of official church documents for the last 15 years has been inclusive.
A board-certified dermatologist, trained pharmacist, founder of the University of Inclusive Health, Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine at UCLA, and best-selling author of "The Water Secret," Dr.
They are often overlooked but are in fact vibrant agents for inclusive growth in developing countries together, people living at the base of the pyramid spend an aggregate of $5 trillion a year.

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