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Defense Firm Celebrates 2008 DRI National Law Firm Diversity Award Setting Standard on Inclusiveness
For more information on Herman Miller's inclusiveness and diversity efforts, visit here.
Widen participation and inclusiveness through tailored mechanisms, fostering integration across the ERA
Previous efforts by the NLN, including the development by members of a Diversity Toolkit, were designed to strengthen academic cultures in diversity and inclusiveness.
Rapid growth also contributes directly to inclusiveness because it provides greater access to income and employment opportunities.
While we have given a distinctive theme to each of these global events, it is clear to us that the three themes of growth, innovation and inclusiveness are intertwined and dependant on each other.
Saeeda Iqbal said that both and dialogue and inclusiveness help promote understanding and it is through democracy that all segments of the society feel included in the process at national level.
UNESCO and UNICEF are jointly promoting inclusiveness and diversity by drawing special attention to the issue of most marginalized groups, especially children and women with disabilities, who may be affected by multiple discriminations caused by disability, gender, and poverty.
Let's have inclusiveness, let's respect all and treat all with equity.
She said these will include issues to do with the rule of law, justice, diversity and inclusiveness in nation-building as well as constitutional process and the upcoming elections after the four year transitional period.
We want to help colleges and universities drive diversity and inclusiveness on campus, and we want them to understand how important it is to us as a global employer," says Gioia Pisano, the company's inclusiveness recruiting leader.