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Inclusivity is really important to me and it's important for people to see what we do.
Two of those hours saw the delivery of deaf awareness, sign language and inclusivity education based around key components of the PSHE curriculum, while the remaining hour was spent playing tag rugb.
We're trying to look here at the inclusivity in our growth.
During my time at the college, I learned how important it was to promote inclusivity in sport and encourage people to take part in it regularly.
Farrukh said that Inclusivity Development some would say is a fad term but in his opinion it was here to stay for good.
It will be a useful resource for KS1 when looking at ourselves topics and encouraging inclusivity and acceptance of diversity in a familial setting.
The move reportedly comes amid the new Liberal government's push toward inclusivity.
Another novelty Turkey brought into the B20 was inclusivity.
Sweden, May 12 -- Sri Lanka has been invited to take part in the high profile global forum on inclusivity and development for the first time ever.
Commit to diversity and inclusivity in the academic mission, leadership, faculty, students, and curricula.
It was about inclusivity and making sure the movie looks more the way the world looks than not.
The parade alone is forecast to pull in 3,000 just happy to celebrate inclusivity whether sequin-clad or not.