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Selecting applicants with diverse backgrounds and experiences may support the intake of applicants who subscribe to various interpretations of inclusivity and, at least, provides a strong foundation for potentially creating dialogical and transgressive learning contexts within the teacher education program.
Across the four years of this work, ongoing research documents the ways in which teachers are taking up the goal of inclusivity in their classrooms as well as how the approach supports their commitment to working inclusively.
And this can come only by, as the Prime Minister said, greater inclusivity in the international financial system," he said.
First, it seems to prejudge the issue of inclusivity before the issue has even been discussed at synod.
Mr Adams said: "I am against exclusion, I am for inclusivity.
As Catholics, we already have an equity and inclusivity policy/law from God: we are all created in His image.
Wrexham AAC was also recently awarded Welsh Athletics' Inclusivity Club of the Year Award for 2012.
Birmingham is the first city for inclusivity, the UK's most diverse city and an easy place to do business.
He said the mediators have undermined the spirit of inclusivity when they succumbed to the government's trick of presenting their handpicked institutions as the only credible civil society organizations to participate in the talks.
The sign of true inclusivity in a society is when the act becomes the norm, not the exception.
There's absolutely no age limit, we pride ourselves on great inclusivity at Monday Club