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In contrast to the "straight corridor" that David Bordwell attributes to the structure of classical Hollywood films (18), narratives of spectral incognizance encourage us to return to the beginnings of sentences, plots, and human lives.
The inevitability of death, combined with unconscious efforts to forestall it, links this story to later narratives of spectral incognizance, such as Jacob's Ladder, in which the protagonist is swept up in an irreversible process of dying rather than already being deceased.
The interpretive power granted to us by narratives of spectral incognizance may explain why there are so many of them: they are on their way to becoming as cliched as the phrase, "I see dead people.
And yet, the genre of spectral incognizance does not let us escape the reality of death unscathed.
Grace's premature/pre-diegetic infanticide recalls the gendered "crime" of abortion, which, like narratives of spectral incognizance, tests the line between life and death.
The lack of female desire parallels the prematurity of death in these stories of spectral incognizance.
But her omniscient voice grants her the narrative agency missing from other deadly mothers; it suggests that the entire film is told from her perspective, even though her voiceover ceases after the first few moments and we seem to be watching a film about her incognizance.
By disrupting our access to the visual pleasure of reassurance, The Others tests the viability of the subgenre of spectral incognizance.