income from real estate

See: rent
References in classic literature ?
In 1819, the property of the Abbe de Sponde increased Madame du Bousquier's income from real estate to twenty-five thousand francs without counting Prebaudet or the house in the Val-Noble.
Operating escalations, real estate tax escalations, sales of utility services, laundry, vending, valet and similar services are also considered to be income from real estate.
While a business does not include the income from a portfolio's management, it may include the following at the election of the trustee: income from real estate, mining, timber or investing in derivatives or options as well as other business operations.
In the context of a REIT, qualified income is generally passive income from real estate investments (as opposed to income from the active operation of a trade or business).
By acquiring properties through tax-efficient 'like-kind exchanges,' we will be able to defer, and eventually eliminate, taxes on income from real estate sales," Nutter said.
The investment objectives of the REIT are capital appreciation and income from real estate cash flows.

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