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It is my contention in this essay, though, that such attempts are far less characteristic of Chabon's approach than his markings of their incommensurateness.
This is above all true of how such an account can succeed in preserving inviolate the incommensurateness of sensibility with understanding.
So Ahab believes that there is no authority higher than himself, and that truth is infinite, boundless, and so being there is an essential incommensurateness between science--which operates with finite instruments to measure the "truth" of phenomena--and truth unbound, which relative to the finitude of science is transcendent, i.e.
There are other works in which low and high are starkly juxtaposed to convey an incommensurateness that is genuinely cosmopolitan.
The solution to this incommensurateness is for Plinlimmon "virtuous expediency," which is a bridge between human and divine, to be understood as half-human-half-divine in simultaneity.