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Nor does it frost, ice, and hail, Nor are siestas there the mode, Nor does chilblain incommode And the skin chap and assail
163) Thus, even when push eventually came to shove at Baker's Island and Coxe had to authorize use of the Massachusetts takings procedure, he authorized the lighthouse superintendent to agree "to give what three good men will fix upon it," if that were "more agreeable" to the owner than the non-consensual condemnation proceeding; and he also specified that "[r]ather than incommode him, half an acre may be taken.
Another clear error can be seen in Goldsmith's translation of a phrase ending a lyrical sentence where Voltaire celebrates the beautiful view he enjoys from his house, described as 'une maison ou je ne suis incommode que des mouches au milieu des plus rigoureux hivers' ('a house where my only annoyance is flies in the middle of the most rigorous winters').
Il devenait ainsi le temoin de son temps, un temoin incommode a cause des dix-huit cahiers d'ecolier contenant son journal de 1948-1957, de ses douze cahiers d'ecolier contenant son journal des annees 1958-1967, de ses huit cahiers de correspondance, agendas et repertoires et de son journal de 1977-1983 (139).
They invade his liberty, affront his dignity and greatly incommode his search for happiness, and every year they demand and wrest from him a larger and larger share of his worldly goods.
What de Gaulle did not say in his Memoirs comes back to haunt him as ways to explore his xenophobia ("tout ce qui n'est pas francais incommode de Gaulle") and to explode his notorious patriotism.
Wenn nun ein solch Kind an die heilige Drey-Einigkeit denkt, so brauchts nicht in die Tieffen der Gottheit zu speculiren, und den Kopf und Verstand anzuspannen, da[Beta] er uberschnappen und reissen mochte: sondern so wenig es einem incommode ist, wenn man an Vater oder Mutter denkt, so wenig incommodirts ein Gemuthe, sich mit dem himmlischen Vater und der himmlischen Mutter zu occupiren, das ist einfaltig, kindlich, leicht und lieblich.
Is the tump by Honddu his tilted pillow does the gritstone outcrop incommode him?
As a critical term, Gellius usually employs aemulatio in the sense of `a successful imitation or translation' (`cum eam tragoediam verteret, non sane incommode aemulatus est', 11.
I know not whether the music books I mentioned to you may incommode you.
Your |reform' may incommode and overwork them, but it will not radically alter the total effect of their teaching .
Louis Liger's The Retired Gardener (1706) reports that the flower: "is at present much neglected, scarcely met with but in the forlorn parts of the garden, or at the Extremities of some Borders; it would look very disagreeably in any other Place, and incommode the Flowers growing next to it.