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Sibbi has been raised by a single-minded and incommunicative older brother in an isolated cabin in the hills; she has had no education, can barely speak, yet has been drawn down from the hills to the schoolhouse and to this knoll by a hunger for words both spoken and written, for communication, for some form of Heidegger's Saying.
since_" point incommunicative Mum in, I can't voice.
But their gondolier proved to be a surly, incommunicative fellow who, although he steered them skillfully enough, proved reluctant to stay around to collect his fare when they disembarked.
Instead of writing off incommunicative guys as jerks, step back and realize guys are people, too.
It's the reason why he is called in by an old chum (played by Oliver Platt) to help a young girl (Brittany Murphy) who has been incommunicative since her father was shot dead.
For example, though Silencio, the autistic boy in cyber-punk novelist William Gibson's last book, All Tomorrow's Parties (1999), is, for the most part, incommunicative, he can bring the uncharted powers of a savant to bear on what captures his interest.
In other words, it presented the motifs of the tradition of the new in a way that did not render the sensibility they imply incommunicative, so affording Ashbery the means to re-think the communicative potential of experimental poetry.
Companies that respond rapidly and professionally to customer service problems invariably receive higher customer satisfaction ratings than those that report fewer problems but are slow or incommunicative about those that do occur.
21) The relative presence of Ransom's speaker -- which, to repeat, parallels the relative emphasis on discursive and poetic constructions -- creates what Robert Scholes describes as a "literary tension between the utterance as communicative and externally referential, on the one hand, and as incommunicative and self-referential, on the other.
Not that he was incommunicative, for he frequently commenced a long-winded narrative of his own accord,--repeated at length the tradition of some old battle, or some passage in the recent history of his tribe in which he had acted a prominent part, from time to time drawing a long breath, and resuming the thread of his tale, with the true story-teller's leisureliness, perhaps after shooting a rapid,--prefacing with "we-ll-by-by," etc.