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Only some of the comparability and incomparability relations between parts are drawn, but the others can be determined from Theorem 3.
Nevertheless, we should consider whether an appeal to incomparability could rescue his view.
A partial rank-order of alternatives is thereby derived, in which the incomparability relation may exist in addition to the preference and indifference relations.
Incommensurability 'does not mean incomparability but it does mean incompatibility' (72).
100) Indeed, the very same formulas used to describe Yahweh's incomparability ("Who is like" [mi k (e)]; "there is none like" ['en k (e)]) is similarly used to describe the incomparability of men and Israel: "Who is like (mi k (e)) the wise man?
This incomparability is evidenced by a large increase in the average for these expenditures for young single adults from 1987 to 1988 (almost 45 percent), which is inconsistent with all other year-to-year changes in these expenditures from 1984 to 2005.
difficult to account for the incomparability in these cases, so further
1) While the extent of the decline is sometimes disputed on the basis of incomparability between Soviet period and market regime measures of gross domestic product (GDP), there is no doubt all countries went through what Kornai labelled a 'transitional recession'.
When considering the alternatives, people are faced with a fundamental incomparability among competing options (Adler 1998; Chang 1997).
Poplak's claim of incomparability can, that is, be made only through a process of comparison.