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To be clear, Peterson does not claim that any multi-dimensional consequentialism must subscribe to either absolute incomparability or weighted randomisation as a decision-making procedure.
This absolute incomparability must be distinguished from the judgment of relative incomparability with which we assess the artists we value the most or
Only some of the comparability and incomparability relations between parts are drawn, but the others can be determined from Theorem 3.
The other source of incomparability and depreciation, if the same spatial resolution is considered, can be caused due to the character of studied rock material.
5) Generally, the idea of legal incommensurability refers, roughly, to the rational incomparability, or the "unweighability" on any common measuring scale, of the two or more competing values or interests at stake.
The crisis was expressed as incomparability between the initial attraction of the Russian Revolution, its revolutionary promises and the later construction of the Stalinist regime.
Under GAAP, incomparability often stems from "bright line" rules that are intended to increase comparability.
Incommensurability, Incomparability and Practical Reason, Harvard University Press, Cambridge, pp.
Studies continually illustrate the incomparability of interventions due to the different methodologies used, distinct timeframes and, indeed, challenges in identifying and/or obtaining data for comparative populations, in addition to gaps in data-collection systems relating to service provision and subsequent follow-up (notably in relation to levels of drug use and reconviction rates).
This text is a critique of present theories which postulate the incomparability of the "civilizatory projects" in the Third World, for it is assumed that it would be a so wide and deep difference of cultures that it should be impossible to ascertain an historic metacriterion, from which we could judge positive and negative aspects of themselves.
Also, they highlight the need to rely on valid and standardized metrics in emotion research, considering the diversity of physical parameters by which the emotional stimuli can be defined and emotional states can be induced, leading to incomparability of results among different studies.
attributes whose value is wrapped up in their incomparability.