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Long-haired, heavy coats like your grandmother's incomparably warm raccoon are not in vogue here, though.
The world is incomparably a better place without him in it, he said.
What's unusual about this case is that it involves a British diplomat lying abroad about a longserving member of his own country's parliament, to a foreigner, in a country where that MP had incomparably greater standing than the British ambassador.
Gruevski's party estimates that Crvenkovski had no right to waste people's money for hiring Slovenian PR experts while opposition's leader claims that he had the right to throw little money in order to improve his image while the Government spent incomparably much more for campaigns that are detrimental for the country.
When he became the manager he obviously decided that there was no room in his plans for a player who (my words now) merely ran around the field like a headless chicken, had a touch like a baby elephant and boasted of his almost incomparably bad disciplinary record on the park and, I suspect, off it.
Doris Fleeson; incomparably the first political journalist of her time.
It is a world in which there is less passion, less drama, but on the other hand incomparably more vital optimism.
The school has long believed in the importance of its extra-curricular life, an aspect that does not merely complement but actually strengthens the academic side: its GCSE and A-level results demonstrate every year that those who achieve most highly in the classroom and examination hall are those who have been most fully engaged in sport, the arts and all the other aspects of the RGS's incomparably rich life outside the classroom.
In the end his overall pasta sensibility lends a deserved reverence to this stately historic incomparably delicious food.
Despite a shared moral intuition about the importance of helping the needy, most of us spend incomparably more on luxuries--if not pleasure boats, then soft drinks--than we donate to aid agencies who make it their business to wade, on our behalf, into the muddy waters of world poverty.
The fact is the North Koreans have had their land boundaries sealed by their all wise socialist rulers in order to try to prevent them fleeing from the socialist paradise being built there, to the decadent South - where, surprise, surprise, living standards are incomparably higher - even in times of depression.
He said: "This incomparably rich archive must be kept in this country.