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Surely one comes up against the likelihood that a good many people today will respond to the film's material quite differently from--in fact incompatibly with--the way the "target-audience", as Bunuel can hardly have failed to know, would have responded in 1951?
In an Internet environment that compiles and merges such diversely sourced (and often incompatibly formatted) information as lab tests and pharmacy purchasing histories, doctors can make sure they're not duplicating or cross-prescribing for their patients.
Many of Russia's problems stem from an impossibility to govern from Moscow territories that are incompatibly diverse from the point of view of ethnicity, history, economy, and demography.
According to developer group, the Web Standards Project (WSP), key web standards remain incompletely or incompatibly implemented, making it necessary for two-thirds of the top 100 consumer web sites to exist in multiple versions to support different browsers.
In a significant insight, Clooney explains how, to the Vedantan commentator Sankara, the two kinds of Brahman (saguna, "with qualities" and nirguna, "without qualities") do not reflect incompatibly different kinds of Brahman, but are designed for two different stages of reading.
This fixes an unwanted sharp boundary between the borderline cases and the definite cases, apparently incompatibly with higher-order vagueness, but I shall ignore this problem here.
Since each source is independently maintained, the sources will typically organize the same information incompatibly. For example, one database may break down distribution by region and then by customer, while another does this in reverse.
But alongside pragmatic caution anticipating the response of derided bourgeois patrons and dealers, there are also incompatibly alternative ideals.
In the paraphrase of its account of the legend of the Ankou's original blinding by St Peter, for example, a peasant who sings cheerfully on seeing Death in his cart is characterized as a 'bright bolshevik'; St Peter becomes 'a suppressed communist' but also (apparently incompatibly with this) 'as touchy as a captain of industry or a demagogue'.
Only one source actually follows this sequence, however, and, ironically, this is the Trent 92 reading which bizarrely and incompatibly combines the superius of the first version with the tenor and contratenor of the second.
For a brief time during the 1920s, however, in the new Soviet Union, the assertively "modern" in art and the avowedly revolutionary government lived uneasily but not incompatibly together.
But, if it were intrinsically done, it would be incompatibly imperative (emphasis added) (Dewey, 1944, p.