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It is incompetence that has been responsible for the high level of poverty on the continent.
The post Our View: Corruption and incompetence exist side by side appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Acute mitral incompetence differs from chronic incompetence in that there is no time for remodelling.
In past studies scholars have suggested that schools seldom dismiss teachers for the reason of incompetence (Chait, 2010).
The recent mismanagement and incompetence emerge in Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) causing a staggering damage of Rs.
Insanity or mental incompetence is a contentious defence and laws are in place to protect those who are genuinely not of sound mind, Mr Rau said.
Was the failure to track OBL a result of negligence, incompetence or complicity?
The majority of the Scottish people will not stand for their lies and incompetence.
The individual has to recognize his or her incompetence and acknowledge the value of the skill in order to move to the next stage.
Nothing better illustrates the mind-blowing, money-wasting incompetence of this derailed government than this shambles over the PS5billion contract to run trains between London and Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Preston and Glasgow.
WHILST the latest report on the Hillsborough scandal which cost 96 lives demonstrates the corruption and incompetence of the police, the main killer was the fences.