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Table-I reveals the numbers and percentages of complete and incomplete MVAs.
Project is stuck as the work on a small portion at Yusuf Sarai is incomplete
Jimenez said that allowing those with incomplete records to vote was aimed at minimizing the number of those who stand to be disenfranchised in the next election.
Here, we report a case of incomplete subtrochanteric femur fracture produced by a low-velocity gunshot and discuss the indication for prophylactic stabilization.
Make a list of areas in your life (both personal and professional) where you have incomplete projects and messes and develop a plan to deal with them once and for all.
Kwik Fit's study also revealed that for almost half of all potential buyers, an incomplete service history is a deal-breaker, as they would not even consider purchasing a vehicle without it.
The vertebral artery groove was examined for any bony outgrowth or spicule over it and it was noted that whether these bony growth forms a complete or incomplete foramen over the vertebral artery groove and whether these conversions are unilateral or bilateral.
Last October, the Commission lodged actions against Poland and Slovenia before the EU Court of Justice for incomplete transposition of the electricity directive in the case of Poland and incomplete transposition of both directives by Slovenia.
The different treatment options for incomplete abortion should complement each other, depending on the drug's availability and a woman's screening and eligibility for medical treatment.
The FTB assesses the late filing penalty if a partnership or LLC, treated as a partnership, files a late or incomplete return.
each day after working hours when the network is less burdened, the CCTV inspection truck(s) can automatically export completed inspections from the truck to the office and synchronize incomplete inspections from the office to the truck to automate the transfer and archival of data on a daily, weekly or monthly schedule.
The World Health Organization has included misoprostol on its Model List of Essential Medicines, based on its proven safety and efficacy for the treatment of incomplete abortion and miscarriage.