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To compare frequency of pressure ulcers in complete and incomplete spinal cord injury using ASIA impairment scale.
Table-I: Frequency and percentages of complete and incomplete manual vacuum aspiration (n=312).
Jimenez said that allowing those with incomplete records to vote was aimed at minimizing the number of those who stand to be disenfranchised in the next election.
The patient was diagnosed with an incomplete subtrochanteric femur open fracture due to the gunshot injury.
Some incomplete projects stem from a simple lack of the systems, knowledge or expertise required to handle those tasks.
Twenty eight atlases showed the presence of incomplete posterior vertebral artery foramen out of 300 (9.
The different treatment options for incomplete abortion should complement each other, depending on the drug's availability and a woman's screening and eligibility for medical treatment.
Misoprostol added to WHO Model List of Essential Medicines for treatment of incomplete abortion and miscarriage.
Army study of discharged servicemen on the West Coast, about 56 percent of soldiers were found to have missing or incomplete DD214s.
They reported two children with incomplete Kawasaki disease (KD) who responded to 2 g/kg single dose intravenous immunoglobulins (IVIG) and 3 mg/kg aspirin (1).
There are three ways to manage an incomplete miscarriage--expectant, medical and surgical.
I heard an Ojibwa artist called Shingoose sing a song called "Reservation Blues," back I[TEXT INCOMPLETE IN ORIGINAL SOURCE] the eighties, and within it was the sum breadth of our experience.